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The September Box theme: Witching Hour! - On sale 1st October - 9am.

This box is themed 'Witching Hour', full of crystals, feathers, cats, constellations and stars. Full of greens, planners and stationery. You can bet there will be:

- Notebook
- Stationery (pens, pencils etc)
- Craft Kit
- Planner Accessories
- ... I'm not telling you anymore, it's a secret and a surprise!!

Sounds good, how much does it cost?


Your Stationery Box will ALWAYS include:

  • A super awesome illustrative theme - all contents are dreamed up, illustrated and designed by me! To a special theme for each month. This means nothing will ever have been seen, or been on sale ever before!
  • An organisational notepad, notebook or jotter - I guarantee it'll be super-adorable and you'll love using it to stay organised throughout the month.
  • Craft kits - all the bits and bobs you need will be right there so you can enjoy bringing your own creation to life.
  • A packet or piece of matching stationery - This could be anything from a cute rubber, a funky pencil, awesome pen...
  • 40 page Printable Planner - 40 pages of illustrated, fab organisation possibilities! Print these pages as many times as you want to help organise your life... forever!
  • Other items too: Such as key rings, stickers, bookmarks, wall planners, posters, motivational stationery, desk tidies... the list is endless!